The Polish Wieniawski ​Philharmonic Orchestra

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such clearly and interestingly conducted tutti parts as Rodek did it. What is more, what struck me pleasantly, he communicated with the pianist [Paweł Wakarecy] in a unique manner. (…) The common idea was upheld by the exceptionally beautiful sound of the orchestra adjusted by the conductor to the musical prosody of the soloist (…)”.


“The appearance of conductor Wojciech Rodek on stage evokes general applause. The audience seems to have taken a liking to this artist and his stage manner. (…) Fortunately, the orchestra under Rodek managed to capture a lot of Wagner’s (…) and the whole performance sounded very good, and at times – extraordinary. It is a great thing that a conductor manages to introduce such works into the repertoire of the Lublin orchestra and to present them in an interesting and moving way.


„The rendition of the suite from Petrushka was engrossing, colourful (…), and the orchestra definitely took center stage that evening. (…) Conductor Wojciech Rodek stage-managed the rendition with energetic gestures, which considerably affected the visual perception of the whole. (…) Well done.”


„Wieniawski’s Resurrection (…) Józef Wieniawski – an outstanding pianist; as the musical director of the Warsaw Music Society, he restored activities of achoir which inspired him to compose a piece for voices and orchestra (…) Maestro Rodek took the burden of monumentalism on his shoulders and encompassed all performing forces with his baton. The orchestra and the choir have grasped the conductor’s vision perfectly, and by closely cooperating with him, they gave a splendid rendition of a great work.”


“Fortunately, there are still philharmonics seeking originality and taking pride in the local tradition (…) Celebration of the 100th anniversary of Józef Wieniawski’s death (…) by the Lublin Philharmonic was a grand event indeed. It was the only institution among those with a mission to protect Polish culture that (…) honoured it with a concert. And what a concert it was! We listened to an all-Wieniawski program, which is quite unique in Poland.

MUZYKA XXI 12/2012

“Lublin Philharmonic Orchestra has returned from Italy. (…) They gave a splendid performance; I dare say, they outdid themselves”


“In the busy schedule of the artist including numerous tours, Lublin was by no means an accidental destination. Sviatoslav Rihter expressed a wish to give a recital in our philharmonic hall.”


“Cooperation with professors from your orchestra was a great honor to me and all conductors participating in the course. We particularly admired Art you had presented, great patience offered to conductors changing on the podium, your touching generosity and impeccable rigour.”


„Due praise should also be given to the Polish orchestra from Lublin who performed very passionately, responding flexibly with fervent throbbing rhythm, giving Philippe Herreweghe a strong footing to uphold the choir all the way to the promise of eternity bringing A German Requiem to mind.”


“Torsten Östergren leads Polish guests through the music of Prokofiev, Mozart and Beethoven, with pianist Kerstin Jansson as soloist.”


” Virtuosity of a seventeen-year-old Vadim Repin and a fourteen-year-old Maxim Vengerov – winners of previous competitions for young violinists – ensured a unique musical experience”


“Overseas tour of Lublin Philharmonic Orchestra”


“In the opening, the ensemble (…) demonstrated its artistic excellence by performing a masterpiece by Johannes Brahms (…) This magnificently balanced orchestra, with musicians perfectly matched in each section, presented masterpieces by Franz Liszt. (…) The splendour beaming from this work was perfectly rendered by the Polish ensemble during their excellent performance and primarily owing to their hard work and painstaking preparation, which is essential when dealing with such a demanding work.”


“This old city, famous for its cultural heritage, officially established this outstanding instrumental ensemble in 1944.”


“The Lublin Philharmonic Orchestra established shortly after the end of World War II, with Adam Natanek as its current Principal Conductor, performs music from the Classical to Romantic period, to contemporary music. It is with this Polish orchestra, composed of seventy professors, that numerous composers have had a chance to listen to the first performances of their works. The internationally acclaimed Lublin Philharmonic Orchestra will give a concert tomorrow.”


„Poland’s Adam Natanek chief conductor of the Henri Wieniawski Phlilharmonic of Lublin, Poland will make his U.S. conducting debut.”


“Again, the walls of Alcázar palace have witnessed something magical (…) the audience bowed their heads, moved by the refined sound of the orchestra, and quiet whisper seemed to be audible in the air: This is Poles playing.”



„Thank you Lublin Philharmonic for a very enjoyable weeks rehearsals and very expressive concert! Best Wishes.”

David Murphy 2006


“I will remember our concert for a long time – thank you for the extraordinary atmosphere and excellent music”

Jan Krenz 1996

“With best wishes – As usual!”

Piotr Paleczny 1992


“Many thanks for the very good play of the orchestra.”

Kazimierz Kord 2004

“In Lublin, as usual, it’s nice and welcoming. But to be honest with director Kord I’m willing to play anywhere with the same enthusiasm.”

Waldemar Malicki 2004

„It was truly an unforgettable evening here in your beautiful hall and to receive the warmth of the people in Lublin. I look forward to visiting here once again. With warmest regards.” 

Kevin Kenner 1991

„With expressions of gratitude for an unforgettable birthday concert”

Krzysztof Penderecki 1994

“I am very happy that I could play a recital at the Lublin Philharmonic. Today’s Concert and the reaction of the audience will surely remain in my memory for a long time.”

Rafał Blechacz 2007

„It is a joy and a privilege to play on your wonderful Steinway! I hope to come back many times to Lublin!”

Charles Richard Hamelin

„With warmest memories from our concert of the 75th orchestra Anniversary! My personal gratitude always goes to Wojtek, your irreplacable leader”

Lukas Geniusas 2019

“Many thanks to the Orchestra for the fantastic cooperation and to the Director for the invitation and perfect atmosphere. Great hall and great audience! This is my first and – I hope – not the last stay in Lublin.”

Paweł Wakarecy 2012

„Thank you”

Barry Kolman 2005

„Beautiful people making beautiful music – Thank you for a wonderful week”

Neal Stulberg 1995

„An Orchestra of terrific players – dedication and Harmony. Superb choirs in Lublin: Great sensitivity, deep musicianship, beautiful voices, outstanding training – a performance to remember for many years”

Joseph Malovany 1996

„Thank you very much for your warm applause and I will remember this wonderful atmosphere. Dziękuję bardzo.”

Dina Yoffe 2007

„I have enjoyed this week very much, unusually and otherwise. The Filharmonia is a wonderfully talented and the city is full of friendly and helpful people. ….”

James Baker 2008

“I sincerely thank you for inviting me to Lublin and for such a warm audience!”

Takashi Yamamoto 2005

“Chamber Philharmonic, Fantastic!!”

Antoine Mitchell 1992

“It was wonderful to play in Lublin on a beautiful new harpsichord! In the hometown of Jan, the scriptwriter of the famous Tablature. Such experiences remain in the memory. Many thanks for this invitation”

Corina Marti 2019

“With heartfelt thanks for your cooperation and wishes that the Philharmonic could work peacefully in its newly completed building”

Jerzy Sterczyński 1995

“It was quite cold on the street, but hot in the rehearsal room! We worked well together, you still have great possibilities – I wish you a successful concerts, successes, applause and daily arduous work, without which the happiness of music-making is not complete! Thank you.”

Andrzej Boreyko 1995

“Thank you for a wonderful reception, name day wishes and a very interesting concert!”

Jerzy Swoboda 1993

“It was my greatest pleasure to be back in Lublin again.”

Elżbieta Karaś-Krasztel 2015

“It was a pleasure to conduct!”

Jerzy Maksymiuk 2015